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4 Great Places To Eat Breakfast In The Smokies

Posted by Leif Palmer in Pigeon Forge

They say breakfast is the most important part of the meal. And when you're visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, that advice is especially true when you consider that a typical day might be filled with hiking, shopping or visiting any number of local attractions. Sometimes, even when you're having fun, you can spend a lot of time on your feet and rack up a lot of steps.

So if you're thinking about places where you can fuel up properly and get your day off to a delicious start, we are more than happy to pass along some recommendations for eateries that are known for their breakfast fare. You can certainly make your own morning meal in one of our full kitchens, but at least once on your trip, you need to head out and see what flavors await in the Smokies.

Pancake Pantry

Don't be surprised if you see a line out the door of this longtime downtown Gatlinburg favorite, because folks have been chowing down at Pancake Pantry since 1960. Everything's made from scratch, and they serve their goodies with real butter and fresh whipped cream. Of course, they serve eggs, waffles, omelets and even burgers and sandwiches, but you really need to try one of the pancake creations like the Parisienne, sweet potato, Caribbean, Swedish, Marvelous Blintz or red raspberry crepes.

Log Cabin Pancake House

Located on Historic Nature Trail in Gatlinburg, Log Cabin Pancake House serves up everything good in the morning, starting with specialties like fresh eggs, country ham and all-you-can-eat biscuits and gravy. They also make a wide variety of omelets, but they're best known for their Special Treat Pancakes and French crepes. Flavors include buckwheat, orange-pineapple, butterscotch and raisin-nut as well as several varieties of crepes and French toast.

The Old Mill Restaurant

In Pigeon Forge, folks like to get their day off to a delicious start at this restaurant adjacent to the historic Old Mill on the Little Pigeon River. The breakfast menu features the Old Mill Country Breakfast – two eggs cooked to order, small pancakes, stone-ground corn grits (ground at the mill next door), homemade biscuits, home-fried potatoes and all the country sausage gravy you can eat. Other menu options include the Old Mill Biscuit Breakfast, Old Mill Pancake Breakfast and Old Mill Omelet Breakfast, each of which offers several meat variations.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

The breakfast menu at this Sevierville eatery starts with the Farmhouse Special Breakfast – two eggs, home-fried potatoes, Southern grits, cinnamon apples, sausage gravy and a biscuit. That all comes served with your choice of breakfast-style meats. Meanwhile, the hearty Farmhouse Specials include the likes of buttermilk pancakes, Belgian waffle, French toast and Banana Foster waffle. Farmyard Specials include Eggs Benedict, the country quiche with fresh fruit and the Country Boy Breakfast Skillet with breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, cheese and veggies, all layered in an iron skillet.

Leif Palmer - Smokies blogger

About Leif Palmer

Leif Palmer loves residing in the Smoky Mountains. He is an avid outdoorsman: rowing for exercise on the lake, trail hiking, and free climbing rocks in the mountains. He indulges his arty side by periodically beating up pieces of marble by sculpting. He is always frustrated by his inability to sink long putts, and hates his curly hair (but his wife loves it). Leif has been known to muster enough courage to change a diaper, and hopes his son will become a chip off the old block.


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