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Fall Is Ideal Cabin Weather!

Posted by Leif Palmer in Rental Cabins

Historically, the term “cabin fever” has had negative connotations, usually referring to a general feeling of needing to escape the confines of the indoors. But our local cabin rental companies think the term should have an entirely different meaning. Why can't “cabin fever” mean having a strong DESIRE to stay in a cabin? That's the way we see it anyway, and that's actually the way a lot of our guests see it too.

After all, there are so many advantages to staying in a cabin, especially during autumn, we have repeat customers who come back every year during this particular season. They know from previous experience that fall is ideal cabin weather, especially if you're spending vacation time in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Here's why:


Most of our cabins have lots of windows that allow for spectacular views of the mountains or beautiful rolling valleys (or both). If it's chilly outside, you can snuggle up in a comfortable chair in the living area and look out over the main deck or porch, or if the weather permits, you can claim a rocking chair on the deck and enjoy not only the views but also plenty of fresh mountain air. And while we're just past the peak colors of the fall foliage, autumn still delivers gorgeous vistas as the deciduous trees make their annual transformation from summery greens to the bare branches of winter and the evergreens still add vibrant color to a beautifully stark mountain landscape.

Cozy fireplace is perfect for a winter vacation.


Yep, we're getting into some chilly nights lately and even some chilly days. All our cabins come with central heat, but you can really knock the chill off with a wood-burning or gas fireplace. It creates a great atmosphere for gathering as a family or perhaps setting a romantic mood with that special someone. The dancing flames and the crackling and popping of wood have a way of conjuring up a magical setting for enjoying time in the mountains.

Hot tubs

Our cabins' hot tubs are great for the same reason that our fireplaces are. It's another way to stay warm on those autumn days and nights. After all, hot tubs weren't made for summer; they were made for cooler weather, and fall is an ideal time to fire up those jets and take a soak with family and/or friends. In fact, some people think this is the best time of year for a hot tub, as they are able to simultaneously appreciate the heat of the bubbling waters and the coolness of the surrounding fall air.

Proximity to national park

Most of our cabins are a hop, skip and a jump from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which many visitors appreciate most during fall. The leaves are either on colorful display, or they're falling, adding a crunchy carpet to the forest floor and giving the newly bare trees a unique beauty. Hiking in fall is a treat too, because the temperatures are cool enough to make for comfortable exertion on the more challenging trails, and you have a decent chance of spotting wildlife as numerous species forage for food stores as winter approaches. By the way, you can be inside the park within 15 minutes or so by taking Line Springs Rd. in Wears Valley south into the park, coming out at Metcalf Bottoms picnic area.

Leif Palmer - Smokies blogger

About Leif Palmer

Leif Palmer loves residing in the Smoky Mountains. He is an avid outdoorsman: rowing for exercise on the lake, trail hiking, and free climbing rocks in the mountains. He indulges his arty side by periodically beating up pieces of marble by sculpting. He is always frustrated by his inability to sink long putts, and hates his curly hair (but his wife loves it). Leif has been known to muster enough courage to change a diaper, and hopes his son will become a chip off the old block.


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